“Lozen herds the horses toward a side ravine that leads up to the ridge. When Don Villanova re-appears and fires a wild shot at her, she rides at him and knocks him back into the sage brush. She keeps on going.”

-Lozen (2014)

Lozen: Apache Warrior (2016)

The heroic story of Lozen, an Apache girl who becomes a warrior and joins Geronimo to lead the fight for the Apache way of life.

Believe it or not, the Apache are a matriarchal society.

I wrote a scene where an Apache girl asked her chief’s permission to train as a warrior. When an Apache actor read it, she said,”no, no, no.” Apache women respect their elders, Tenaya said, but they don’t ask for “permission.” They will ask for a blessing, but they do not ask for “permission.” I re-wrote that scene right away.

Lost Sheep (2015)

When a preacher’s daughter overdoses on heroin—again–he snaps, and vows to kill her dealer, but he must overcome his lust for revenge to help her recover and save his own soul.

Never held a baby until i was 27. 27 years later that child overdosed and died.

Ever watch rabbits run when they’re startled?

My neighbors on the farm down the road would hunt rabbits with a single shot 22 rifle. One shot, hit or (mostly) miss. It was a good lesson for life.

Sometimes you only get one shot. Take it.

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